Treating Customers Fairly

Treating Customer's Fairly

The fair treatment of customers is one of the key principles of the Financial Services Authority in the UK. At we   believe that this principle is not only a regulatory requirement. We  believe that it is more than that - it is essential for our business.

At we  are committed to offering our customers the highest possible level of   satisfaction. We aim for high retention rates and referrals by existing  customers and understand that this can only be achieved by providing a  consistently high level of service and advice.

However  we recognize that providing a high level of service is not enough in   itself - we and our customers have everything to gain if we look after   their best interests and treat them fairly in all aspects of our dealings with them.

For any broker partner we introduce you to, we will make sure that they abide by the following terms:

To   offer you the best products that we can and to provide clear information about those products and services, including fees, commissions and charges;

  • To ascertain your individual needs, preferences and circumstances before recommending a product;
  • To only recommend a product that we consider to be suitable for you   after sufficiently apprising ourselves of your circumstances;
  • To tell you of any relevant conflicts of interest as soon as possible after we become aware of them;
  • To provide best execution where relevant and timely execution at all times;
  • We strive to maintain a superior level of system availability;
  • To encourage you to ask if there is something you do not understand;
  • To give you access to a formal complaints procedure whereby your   complaint can be dealt with professionally and impartially should you   ever become unhappy with our service, and to resolve any mistakes as   efficiently as we can;
  • To ask for and listen to your feedback and place your interests first.

Here is how you can help us:

  • Tell us as much as possible about your financial objectives and level   of experience in order that we may assess the most suitable product for   you;
  • Let us know if there is any aspect of our service, or product we have discussed or recommended that you don't understand;
  • Tell us if you think there are ways we can improve our service;
  • Tell us if you do not think you have been treated fairly.

Thank you for your interest in